Tracey Melville-Smith - customer testimonial

It's no surprise that Tracey's remarkable vehicle is the Defender 110

Tracey Melville-Smith – Defender 2021

Tracey Melville-Smith lives for the remarkable, not only in her business, the award-winning Remarkable Chocolate Co, but in her day-to-day life. So, it comes as no surprise that Tracey dons the remarkable Defender.

On what attracts Tracey to the Land Rover brand she states simply, “Its pedigree for the outdoors”. A long-time admirer of the Defender, Tracey was thrilled to purchase her first in 2021. She was immediately drawn to its standout design and robust aesthetic within the vehicle’s awe-inspiring silhouette, 70 years in the making. After taking the Defender for a test drive, “the rest was history,” she says.

“The Defender is fiercely capable,” remarks Tracey. Despite its stoic proportions, she admires the vehicle’s surprisingly effortless performance and cross-compatibility between her city life and off-road endeavours. “I’m always looking forward to taking it away for the weekend and putting its capability to the test, whether that’s on the mountainous roads of Mount Ruapehu, or out west across the open beaches.”

In 2015, following a successful corporate career, Tracey began work on a passion project that would eventually become the Remarkable Chocolate Co brand as we know it today. From the outset, Tracey knew that setting the benchmark at being ‘remarkable’, would be fundamental to success. “In everything we do, we need to be remarkable, when we’re developing flavours, or crafting packaging, our ethos lies within creating a remarkable experience for our customers”.

Within Remarkable Chocolate Co’s ‘remarkable’ purpose are three pillars; sustainable, beautiful, and delicious – all of which are evident when looking at (and tasting) Remarkable Chocolate Co’s award-winning range. “We are all about cementing our values and living up to them,” says Tracey.

Tracey sees an affinity between Land Rover and Remarkable Chocolate Co down to their brand DNA. “We want customers to look at and experience our product and say wow.”

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