Clare van den Berg - customer testimonal

Design and environment are part of Clare's identity, as they are for the Range Rover Evoque

Clare van den Berg – Range Rover Evoque
Co-owner Daphnes Taverna, Founder Studio VDB

For interior designer and restaurateur, Clare van den Berg, design and environment form a significant part of her identity. Balancing a strong creative background with the busy life of a restaurant owner, the Range Rover Evoque affords her the flexibility and agility required to stay on top of an incredibly busy lifestyle.

“I’m always moving around, whether that be transporting for Daphnes Taverna, my interior design work at Studio VDB or the family”, says Clare. On what drew her to the Evoque, Clare appreciates the convenience its size affords her. “I can certainly fit a lot into the Evoque, but it’s compact enough that I can still zip around the city and park it like a normal car”.

Practicality aside, Clare understands the value of powerful design and aesthetics. “Land Rover overall brings together such refinement, with the modernism you would expect in leading design work. Whether it be the vehicle façade or the interior finishings, there’s a strong feeling of elegance associated”.

Clare’s career began in advertising and film production before moving with her husband Joost van den Berg to New Zealand where they started their first eatery Zus & Zo. Ten years later, the duo have made their mark on the Auckland dining scene opening five restaurants, most recently, the award-winning Daphnes Taverna in Ponsonby. At first glance, one immediately notices Clare’s craft and vision brought through in the space’s unique, Greek-inspired ambience. “When I’m working with any space, whether that be a restaurant or an interior design project, there’s an amazing feeling of fulfilment when a thought or an idea is translated into something tangible”, she says.

Akin to Land Rover, Clare and Joost share an ethos: putting experiences into the world that create enjoyment. “Every time we create something, we want it to feel new or different to our customers. We create environments where we ourselves would like to go, and hope others will too. That’s why beautiful, immersive design and aesthetics are so important”.

The hospitality industry continues to struggle with the impacts of COVID-19. Supporting local goes a long way to helping restaurants continue to serve world-class experiences in our own backyard. Daphnes Bar Taverna is now open for walk-ins or reservations at