Annette Dearth - customer testimonal

Restauranteer, Annette Dearth, shares her appreciation for the Discovery

Annette Dearth is no stranger to innovation. Following their move to Auckland, Dearth and her husband established The Grove in 2004, aimed at reinventing the way New Zealanders experience fine dining. In her day-to-day, Dearth drives the Discovery and appreciates its own innovation including the vehicle’s impressive power, and size. “The Discovery exudes strength, from the design of the exterior through to the driving experience, yet on the inside, the cabin is refined and comfortable”.

Originally from Detroit, the heart of America’s automotive industry, Dearth was immediately drawn to the styling and scale of the Discovery, appreciating the space and the versatility its interior affords her. “On one day, we’ll be filling the seven seats with our kids and their friends, on another, the Discovery is our support vehicle for The Grove or Baduzzi, helping us deliver pop-ups around the country”.

Seventeen years after the launch of The Grove, the restaurant has become an icon of the Auckland restaurant scene achieving domestic and international acclaim alongside its equally successful sister restaurant, Baduzzi. Recently, The Grove was named one of the top 10 fine dining restaurants in the world. “When we started The Grove, there were only a few high-end dining options in Auckland, so we set out to create a restaurant that could deliver beautiful food, in a more relaxed setting”, says Dearth.

Following another year of pandemic disruption, Dearth and her husband have reopened The Grove and Baduzzi to the public. Dearth says, “Both restaurants were created to evoke a sense of welcome and warmth, akin to the culture Kiwis are known for. We can’t think of a better time to deliver on this promise.”